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Early booking till 01.01.2015. - discount up to 20%!!!

YachtHoliday is offering You "early booking" discounts where you can save from 5% up to 20% of the total price if You decide to book a boat in advance. Depending on the each particular vessel "early booking" offers are valid until 31st of December or even until 30th of January. Booking a boat in advance does not mean only that You will get an additional discount but also gives You the opportunity to choose the model that will suit Your preferences the best since all the newer and larger vessels are usually booked by the end of the year.

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There is something about Croatia that attracts more and more yachtsmen year after year. The Mediterranean charm of its towns and villages is doubtless part of it's attraction – but perhaps the most attractive part of its nautical offer are fair winds, clear waters, long and rugged coastline with countless bays and coves that for every true sailor represents the dream that is upon arriving becoming true.

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Team building

YachtHoliday known for its program of sailing in Croatia offers also a program of organizing team building for employers who want to develop a strong and close working environment.

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One way charter

Our one way trips enable you organize your cruise differently. Tipicaly, departure port is also an arrival port, which means that cruise is a circle. With one way charter it's not like that.

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We organize regattas

YachtHoliday is one of the leading organizer of professional races and amateur competitions in the region providing a complete regatta management service.

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