Crewed Yacht Rental Croatia

Crewed Yacht Rental Croatia

If not chartered on your own without professional crew, boats can be chartered skippered or fully crewed. Boats available for skippered yacht rental are sailing boats, motor yachts and catamarans while fully crewed yacht rental is possible with motor yachts, some bigger sailing boats, catamarans and gulets.
The choice of boats available for skippered and crewed yacht rental is huge, the price range is immense and the itinerary options are open for you to choose. Yachts available for crewed rental in Croatia distinguish vastly in performance and facilities. Each yacht and crew offer something special and unique to it's guests.


Skippered Rental

Skippered yacht rental is meant for all without knowledge to operate a yacht, who feel insecure, who is not pleased with their own nautical skills or for those who simly wish to have a guide during their holidays.
Professional skipper on board will take care about  boat's and passengers safety. You should bear in mind that skipper service is an additional cost which should be paid before the embarkation. Skipper service fee is varying for different boat types from 1.260 € to 1.750 € per week. 

Skippered Yacht Rental is an interesting, relaxing and stressfree way of spending your yacht rental holidays and exploring new sailing areas. A skipper that we will assign for you will act as your personal guide recommending interesting places, hidden bays and anchorages worth visiting. He will surely give his best to fulfill your wishes regarding the places you would like to visit. He will also try  to teach you how to sail. 

Crewed yacht rental is meant for guests seeking to enjoy the most luxurious and exclusive type of yacht holiday with fully crewed team on board at their disposal. A crewed yacht often comes with 2 or even more crew members including captain, sailor or deckhand and cook or hostess. Comparing to bareboats crewed yachts are larger, more spacious and more comfortable options equipped up to the highest charter trends including jet skii, water skooter, windsurf, snorkeling, paddle board and others.

Crewed yachts offer highest possible level of privacy and luxury for your holiday of a lifetime. Thus crewed yachts are ideal option for special occasions such as honeymoons, wedding anniversaries or even a business meeting.

Contact us with confidence and will gladly suggest the best skippered or crewed yacht for your perfect holidays in Croatia!


Crewed catamaran charter in Croatia

For those who really want to enjoy and spend stressfree yacht holiday, crewed catamaran charter seem as the best option. Sometimes sailing long daily routes or cooking in the middle of the summer can be really exhausting so why not book a crew for you perfect sailing holiday in Croatia. Most of the catamarans from our offer have separated  crew cabins and can be booked with skipper and hostess. Some catamarans are offered only skippered while some catamarans can be booked fully crewed with 2 or more crew members included in the price. Skipper will take a care of the boat, routes, and about the safety of all passengers on board. Hostess is there to make sure you are never hungry and to keep the boat clean. Together they will provide the most interesting and relaxing holiday in Croatia you will always remember. Browse our crewed catamarans offer and book online perfect catamaran for your next summer holiday in Croatia!


Crewed gulets for charter in Croatia

Gulet is a traditional wooden motor-sailing boat built for comfortable cruising. Gulets are available for charter in Croatia only fully crewed and it is possible to rent the whole gulet for a group of people or just book one cabin abroad a crewed gulet. Our offer includes wide offer of crewed gulets from smaller ones with 3 crew  members to bigger and luxurios vessels with 11 crew members. Captain, chef, waiters and deckhands will provide you the best cruising experience: quiet bays, traditional croatian food and different water sport toys. Browse our offer and find the most suitable gulet for your friends and family!


Crewed motor yacht charter in Croatia

Wide choice of crewed motor yachts is available for crewed charter in Croatia with Motor yachts are designed for those who appreciate fast and smooth ride. With their spacious saloons and guest cabins, motor yachts are the best option to book if you are seeking to have the comfort like in your own home.  The crew, consisting of 2 on smaller yachts up to 8 on bigger ones, is very skilled and well trained, so if you want holidays without compromise this is perfect choice for you. Browse our web page and find the best boat for you and book it online!

*Typical charter week lasts 7 days, starting and ending on saturday.