Top 5 Bays to visit in the Kornati Area

Top 5 Bays to visit in the Kornati Area

Top 5 Bays to visit in the Kornati Area

Kornati National Park are an archipelago of Islands located in Dalmatia, in between Zadar and Sibenik area. In the relatively small area of 320 square km, there are 150 Islands in a clear blue Adriatic, making it the densest archipelago in Croatia. There’s a legend about how the Kornati formed, saying that God Himself after creating the world, was left with white rocks. He then threw the rocks over his shoulder meaning to arrange them later, but when he turned he liked what he saw and left it as it was. Kornati truly is a paradise in the Adriatic, waiting to be discovered.

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Saharun is a sandy beach stretching just under a kilometer in length on the southern side of the "Dugi Otok" or "Long Island". The sea is very shallow throughout the area of the entire beach, and never reaches more than 10 meters in depth. The azure sea is crystal clear and perfect for a swim and other water activities. The beach opens to the South, and to the open sea, which along its shallowness makes it perhaps the only place for surfing and wave windsurfing in Croatia.

Saharun, or Sakarun in local pronunciation is listed among the "Most beautiful bays of the world".


Opat is a beautiful bay located on the Island Kornat in the Kornati archipelago. This small bay is home to a restaurant of the same name, in which you can try some of the most authentic local food, and get a real taste of Dalmatia. Opat bay has a docking area for about 20 boats so there's a lot of space. Only downside to this bay is its orientation. In other words, Opat partialy opens to south-southeast, the open sea, and southern winds. This however is a problem only in the autumn, when those winds blow more frequently then the rest of the year.

Otherwise, Opat bay is a paradise bay in the Adriatic offering everything you need to spend a peaceful relaxing day.


Telascica is a nature park located in the southeast part of "Dugi otok". This beautiful bay has plenty to offer. Crystal clear sea waters, a restaurant where you can taste the authentic Croatian seafood and wines and one of the most stunning sights in the world. Just outside the bay you can find a salt lake, which is open for swimming. This is one of the very few places in the world where you can find a lake on the Island.

Telascica is the safest, or at least among the safest bays in Croatia. Its unique position brings shelter from the winds in 25 separate beaches to choose from!

Up from the bay on the other side of the Island (which is only a few hundred meters away), it opens to tall rocky cliffs, to an absolutely jaw dropping sight of the vast openness of the blue sea.


This bay is located on the Island of the same name in the Kornati archipelago. Levrnaka is the highest island in the archipelago at 117m and offers the best view of the entire area. On the other side of the bay, just a few minutes of walk away, there’s a beautiful beach called "Lojena". Beautiful nature of the island around the bay makes your stay perfect. There are two pontoons in the bay making a safe stay even though it is open to W/NW winds.


Strunac is a beautiful bay in the very heart of Kornati archipelago, the uninhabited island of Zut. Here, only 25 km away from Murter, is an island of stone, olives, figs, grapevine and clear blue sea. Great food, beautiful warm sea, stunning view wherever you look, and good people! This is why Strunac is an absolutely ideal place for you to visit. Return to nature and have a peaceful, relaxing vacation visiting Strunac bay.

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