Booking an older or brand new boat?

Booking an older or brand new boat?

Booking an older or brand new boat?

Is it worth paying much more money for a new yacht or is it better to book an older and more affordable boat? It depends on your priorities and the depth of your pockets.

There are some people who desire strongly to be seen on the newest yacht around. There are others who have specifically asked not to be put on a new boat because everything falls off when they’re new.

In our opininon newer boats are always better option even though boats from 5 to 8 years old if well maintained can also be a great option to book for your yacht holidays. We would certainly recommend to avoid avoid the oldest boats, 10 or more years old boats, unless those are the only ones that fit into Your budget.

So what do you get on a newer boat comparing with an older one:

  • New sails. A set of charter sails will usually last around 4-5 years. But then of course you could get a six year old boat that has just put the new sails on.
  • Higher level of equipment. High level of equipment available is increasingly becoming standard on new boats. There is less chance of finding simmilar package of equipment on older yachts though some update their older boats.
  • Less risk of failure. Brand new boats just delivered from the shipyard can sometimes be prone to certain problems but otherwise up to about 3 years old they shouldn’t need too much maintenance. A 5 to 8 years old boat if well maintained should remain reliable, but if you book with someone who does not care much about the maintenance a problem can appear.

So to conclude a new boat is always a better and much more expensive option since it offer less risk of failure and has higher level of equipment but if You could find an older but very well maintained boat you could get a simmilar boat at much more affordable price. It's up to You to make a decision wheter to choose a brand new boat or an older one!

*Typical charter week lasts 7 days, starting and ending on saturday.