4 reasons why you should book your Yacht Holiday in advance

4 reasons why you should book your Yacht Holiday in advance

4 reasons why you should book your Yacht Holiday in advance

When to book your sailing holiday – should you book it early or leave it late – it's well known question for many guests coming to Croatia for the first time.Those returning to Croatia every year are aware of the benefits and advantages that an early reservation brings and will decide easily to book in advance again and again.

If you are happy enough to manage to gather a crew and to specify the exact charter period not later than six months prior to departure, in most cases you can get more affordable charter deals since all the offers include early booking discount. Reservation made in advance with early booking discount ensures a better occupancy to a charter company and better rental conditions to You. Also if You decide to book early in advance you have more opportunities to achieve the expectations that you have of the sailing trip. It means that You you can book a model of the boat, the period and the departure marina you realy want.

Early booking offers

Early booking offers are usually more affordable charter deals since include early booking discount.

Early booking is the highest almost up to 20% and it usually last till the end of December. Early booking discount is very often prolonged till the end of Fabruary so don't miss to book your perfect sailing holidays on time with Yachtholiday.com!

Wider Choice of yachts

Booking in advance means that you have a wide range of options on your disposal to choose from including the all boat types from different marinas on the Croatian coast. We believe that if you decide to book early enough you will have more opportunity to fullfilling all the expectations that you have of the sailing holiday. On the other side if you decide to leave it late to get last minute discount these options may drastically reduce and thus maybe you will not be able to find a perfect boat for you.

Look forward to a perfect Holiday

Renting a yacht for your summer holidays in Croatia is surely one of the best ways to beat the winter blues . The beginning of the year will be a lot more bearable when you’re counting down the days to your dream holiday. By liking us on Facebook, following on twitter, or reading our blog, counting the remaining days will be much more easier!

Cheaper flights.

In most case making flight reservations late can cost you a lot of money. Airline ticket prices commonly increase in the last two weeks before flying, so if you are planning in advance you could save a lot of money if you book a flight before this deadline. For the best flight deals you will need to book much more in advance from 6 to 12 month in advance.

*Typical charter week lasts 7 days, starting and ending on saturday.