The choice of the boat depends entirely on your wishes and preferences. Our offer includes following boat types:

  • Sailing boats - excellent for both family and active vacation
  • Catamarans - very stable and comfortable, ensure fast sailing
  • Gullets - use the power of engine and sails to move; rented exclusively with the crew (captain, sailor, cook, hostess)
  • Motor boats - for speed sailing enthusiasts

Before choosing a boat, please bear in mind the following details:

  • How many people will be on board?
  • Does your group consist of pairs who can share the same cabin, or do some crew members require a separate cabin?
  • Do you prefer comfort?
  • Do you require a skipper or not? If you need skipper's services, please bear in mind that the skipper sleeps on board as well, so one of the berths (either in the saloon area or in a cabin) should belong to him.

The choice depends on your wishes and preferences. Catamaran is an excellent choice for those with no sailing experience, or for those who feel somewhat insecure. It has two hulls, hence providing greater stability. Catamarans don't lean more than 5° and offer greater comfort, spacious saloon area and cabins, and somewhat faster sailing, since they have two engines. Modern catamarans have shallow draft in order to make the access to land and bays easier. 

You do not have to hire a professional skipper if you have the necessary licences and experience in sailing a yacht, except in cases where the vessel is rented exclusively with a crew.

You pay for the skipper, hostess and crew as well as their food, whether you prepare meals on board or go to a restaurant.

In most cases the skipper sleeps in the saloon area. However, it is strongly recommended to charter a bigger boat and to provide the skipper with his own cabin. Since he is in charge of the day-to-day running of the yacht as well as the security of people on board, he should be well-rested - apart from that, the guest will have more comfort and a free saloon area to hang out.

Every vessel is registered up to a certain number of people (the law does not allow this number to be exceeded) - if this number does not include a berth in the saloon area, the skipper is required to have his own cabin.

You must have a valid skipper’s licence and VHF radio licence, and for some vessels a test voyage is also necessary.

Charter price is usually formed per boat weekly, no matter how many people will be on board (the maximum number of passengers is always limited depending on the size of the yacht). Therefore, charter price covers the vessel rental, all navigation and safety equipment, dinghy and the bed linens. The obligatory payment that needs to be done at embarkation is transit log or charter pack and the residence tax. Outboard engine, gennaker, spinnaker, snorkelling equipment are optional services that are not in charter fee included and can be arranged at surcharge.

Embarkation is usually done Saturdays in the afternoon from 17-18hr. The charter provider usually needs a few hours to prepare the boat for the charter meaning that the boat needs to be cleaned properly from the inside and outside and, if necessary, to take care of some small repairments. However, if the boat is ready earlier the embarkation will be done earlier. Check-out is in most cases done Saturday morning till 08-09.00hr. Some charter comapnies do the check-out Friday afternoon and then you are allowed to overnight onboard till Saturday morning. However, these information should be confirmed when booking the boat.

Yes, all boats and crews are insured against possible damage.

Yes, it is possible to charter a boat for a few days, but usually in the period either before or after high season. The usual charter period is from Saturday to Saturday.

In this case please inform us in advance of the ages of the children in order to ensure the appropriate sizes of lifejackets for them. We recommend that you order a safety net for your boat if the children are small.

You need to take with you only your own clothes, towels and medicines. During colder times of year we recommend warm clothing and waterproof jackets. The clothing must be appropriate for use on board, and we recommend boat shoes or boots for sailing in rough conditions.

In most cases not. If they are not included in the charter fee they usually can be arranged at extra cost. Beach towels are never included in the charter fee and you should bring them with you.

Diving in Adriatic is forbidden without the valid license. You need to be in posession of valid diver`s card issued by Croatian Diving Federation. This license can be obtained if you have valid diver`s brevet that was issued by international diving association (IDD, UDI, CMAS, MDEA, PADI…).

For legal fishing valid fishing license is required as well. The license can be obained in fishing clubs that are authorized for issuing the licenses to the foreign citizents. For obtaining the license you only need your passport or ID – if you are already a member of some fishing club in your country take your club card with you as it can decrease the license fee. Please note that the fishing is forbidden in National Parks – when obtaining the license you will receive the list the zones that are off the fishing limits as well as the list of allowed fishing tools.

The mooring fee varies from marina to marina. It also depends on the size of the boat. The mooring fee for catamaran is usually charged double than the mooring fee for the monohull of the same size. The average price is around 50-70 EUR for the boat cca. 43 ft per day. If you have already setteled your sailing route you can check the prices on the web sites of marinas on your route. On the other hand, some of the harbours and most of the anchorages are free. More information about marinas in Croatia.

National currency in Croatia is Kuna (HRK). Although EUR can be accepted in some establishments please keep in mind that Kuna is in most cases the only mean of payment accepted. ATM machines can be found almost everywhere and therefore you do not have to worry for cash withdrawals if you get to the point that you ran out of Kunas.

The weather forecast can be obtained in any marina reception. Of course, you can always call the base or listen to the weather forecast on the radio and VHF as they are broadcasted frequently especially during the summer season.

The electrical equipment can be taken with you but it is important to be rational with these goods. Croatia uses standard European 2 point plug and the elecrticity is 220 V. However, the yachts have shore power connection and while in marinas you will be able to use all the electrical devices as you are wired to shore electricity. When sailing, only boats with generator will supply with 220 V all the time.

Mobile chargers can be used on bord with the usual 220 V plug in while in marina on shore power connection. Otherwise, you can use the car phone charger that can be plugged into the 12 V cigatette lighter on board.

Most of Croatian sea is covered with mobile phone signal.

Every marina has sufficient parking spaces which are monitored during your voyage. Prices vary, but are in the region of €6 per day.

You can obtain provisions for your voyage in one of the many markets which are usually in the area of a marina or in smaller shops in the marinas themselves.

Yes, you may send your order and the charter personnel will obtain your provisions immediately before your arrival on board.

No, it is not permitted to have pets (dogs, cats, birds etc.) on board except in cases where this is agreed in advance. We recommend that you do not expose your pets to the inhuman conditions of staying on board. However, if you do not have somewhere to leave your pet, please send an enquiry in advance stating your needs and we will try to find the best solution for you.

We can arrange additional services for you but only as assistance as follows:

  • transfer from and to the airport or port
  • car hire
  • reservation of hotel accommodation
  • hire (reservation) of a helicopter or small aircraft

We are at your service to answer all questions or concerns which are not addressed in the above answers; simply send us your question by e-mail.

*Typical charter week lasts 7 days, starting and ending on saturday.