Top 10 bays in Croatia

Top 10 bays in Croatia

Top 10 bays in Croatia

In today’s edition of the blog, we give you a list of top 10 most beautiful bays in Croatia, perfect for a visit on your Yacht Holiday. Rent a yacht in Croatia and sail to some of the bays on the list in 2018.

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There are thousands of amazing bays in Croatia, so the choice was hard. In the list below, we focused on the bays most of our guests loved the most. The list is randomly ordered, as we find each bay on the list equally beautiful.

Top 10 bays to visit while Sailing Croatia!


Lopud (Sunj)

Commonly known as the most beautiful beach/bay in Southern Dalmatia, it’s located on one of the Elaphites, with the same name as the bay. You can visit this bay from Dubrovnik!


A sandy beach on the island of Mljet, which is one of the 3 marine National Parks in Croatia. This beach is stunning, and the bay is the perfect place to drop anchor in! You can reach Mljet in many of our routes, try renting a yacht in the Dubrovnik region!



Located on the northern side of Lastovo, looking to the Islet of Zaklopatica, hides the bay with the same name. This is what every sailor is looking for, a bay sheltered on all sides. When you look at it from most directions you’ll likely to mistake it for a lake, but Zaklopatica opens to one side with a narrow sea gate, wide enough to let you in!


We push on to the sunny, Pakleni islands Paradise. On the south of the largest of the small Pakleni, you’ll find Vinogradišće, a favorite of sailors from all around the world. The bay on the other side of the islands (a 2 minutes hike away), Palmižana is the place to drop anchor when visiting Vinogradišće. Enjoy the exotic Dalmatian scenery, a tasty meal and a refreshing drink in one of the most beautiful beaches of the Adriatic!


Dubovica found it’s home on the sunniest island in Croatia, Hvar. Located just a couple of kilometers east of the tourist hotspot of Hvar town, Dubovica is a beautiful bay opening to the south of the Adriatic. Take time snorkeling in the area, you’re in for a treat!


Sailing the Vis area, it’s impossible not to Stop and admire Stiniva. There’s nothing more to say than this bay was pronounced the Best bay in Europe. A bay sheltered on all sides by tall rocks, that almost look like a cave roof collapsed at some point in time. All of that and more is why we thought it deserves its own post, you can read more here.


So we've reached Kornati! Telašćica immediately pops into mind! Not just a bay but a Nature park in Croatia. This is a bay, with a lake, and some amazing cliff views. Hiking in the area is as close to perfection as it gets! You can read more about the bay here.


When you bring the terms “Croatia”, and “beach” together you wind up with Sakarun (Saharun).  The beach is nothing short of amazing! The only problem is that the bay is open to southeast winds, so it may not be the safest place to anchor in bad weather conditions. Fortunately, in the summer these conditions almost never occur, so you can enjoy a safe and relaxing visit. This is also one of the few spots where you can actually wave surf in Croatia (during the autumn).


A beautiful beach on the island of Cres! This pebble-covered beach is nestled under the tall terrain of Lubenice, a small village on the island of Cres. This is a perfect spot for your yacht holiday. Do yourself a favor, hike up to the town and stick around for the beautiful sunset.


Last and perhaps the most exotic on our list is, also the northernmost bay we mentioned, is Verige. Located in the Brijuni archipelago, Verige, also known as the “roman beach” is home to the ruins of the 1st-century Roman villa!

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