The curious case of Mrduja islet

The curious case of Mrduja islet

The curious case of Mrduja islet

Almost every route of yacht rental  Split leads you trough the “Split gate”, which is a pass between the nearby Brač and Šolta islands. While you’re cruising away, enjoying a perfect yachting trip in Croatia, you may notice an islet with a lantern, roughly in the middle between Brač and Šolta (slightly closer to Brač).

This small islet is called Mrduja, and usually marks the half of a ferry trip when going from Split to Hvar (or the beginning of your adventure if you’re lucky enough to charter a yacht). But Mrduja is more than just a rock in the middle of a channel, much more in fact, a subject of local legends.  There’s a local story about Mrduja going around for ages, perfectly describing the nature of the Central Dalmatian (un)friendly rivalry. It is told that residents of Brač and Šolta argued about who should get Mrduja for a long time, until one day they had enough, strapped ropes on each side of the Islet, and started pulling. After a long and exhausting struggle, Brač managed to pull a little harder and got Mrduja.

But the manner is not yet resolved, and every year (to honor the tradition), both islands send boats to the location of Mrduja, strapping ropes and pulling. Brač is still winning (but don’t tell Šolta I said that). You can even take part in this crazy tradition and have a real taste of the local sense of humor. Small Mrduja is also a place where a local regatta is held every year, gathering a large number of yachts from the area.  As you can see, that’s a lot of fuss around a rock in the channel, so be warned as no one is immune to Mrduja’s charm.

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