Dufour 450 Grand Large

Dufour 450 Grand Large

...a sailboat for rent in Croatia.

The boat is available in marina: Split, Trogir.

For the ambitious cruiser; performance, strength and comfort are not "optional".

Dufour 450 rental in Croatia, delivers it all on an elegant and versatile platform that begs for the open sea. Enjoy familliar destinations from a fresh perspective and explore beyond with all the freedom of a luxurious full sized cruiser.

Dufour 450 is a stunning sailing yacht, both inside and outside. On the exterior there’s 13,5 meters length for you to enjoy. With a relatively flat deck, and a cockpit with fair amount of space, the outside of the yacht will please just about any sailor. The inside has a luxury feel to it, perhaps unusual for a yacht this class. 4 spacious cabins, beautiful saloon, and an overall impressive layout making smart design features really stand out. Not to mention how incredibly well-lit the yacht is.

You will get more than you bargained for, with Dufour 450 GL yacht rental Croatia!

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